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Police said Howell did not live in Charlestown for very long, but they are shocked to hear he was involved in the incident in Santa Monica.“It was a bit of a surprise to see that the individual had ties to our community was down there and what they found him with, with hopes that his intentions weren’t to harm anyone.According to court records, Howell threatened his neighbors in Charlestown.

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“He would explode violently like that and do things with his guns so it didn’t really surprise me,” the teen said after learning of Howell’s arrest in California.

“He’s out there with explosives and all these guns, but who carries all these guns in a car and goes to a gay pride event? He said he wasn’t sure why Howell was heading to L. Police in Santa Monica said Howell stated he was heading to the Gay Pride Parade in L. Howell’s ex-boyfriend said he didn’t know if he would go there to harm anyone.

The age of consent varies between states and countries.

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One report was filed October 11, 2015 when Howell called the teens workplace.