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Red Hot Bothered (also known as Red Hot Bothered: The Indie Rock Guide Book to Dating) is an anthology of the indie rock scene from the 1990s produced by Paul Heck.It was released as part of the Red Hot AIDS Benefit Series.

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I haven’t heard Sick Scenes yet, but […] Poor John Wick. I was seriously transported to a Pavement-esque era with opening band Scarves.

All this dude wants to do is retire and have time to grieve his sweet departed wife, and the criminal underworld just. They flew through their set, weaving schizophrenic song structures and their singer’s unique timbre into something seriously fascinating.

Between a breathless pause, their singer announced: “Normally I say some stuff here to endear you, but fuck it we don’t have […] Ravenna Woods photo by Abby Williamson It’s a new year, and a new you, so why not kick it off by supporting your local music scene?