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He released her hips and held her face between his hands. This incident sparked enough confidence in both Rahul and Kaamini.Though they could not do anything else that day, but they were both quite happy…imagining their meetings the next day.

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In addition she had worn a violet translucent blouse which revealed the white skin of the side of her boob partially.

Rahul’s eyes narrowed and he hungrily stared into her blouse.

It wasn’t like Kaamini was oblivious to his lusty eyes staring at her but she could not do anything except adjust her pallu so that he would not see anything.

Though she was working in such a rich household, she was going through a financial crisis.

Rahul followed her and found her mopping the kitchen floor. She knew she was doing this for her children but she could not understand why…in a way she was…enjoying this.