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It will invalidate all memcached methods associated with current object’s UID: There is also a Cache Tab per object where you can manually select which cache to invalidate.

By default, you can invalidate memcache and varnish.

A change to a data dependency does not cause an immediate rerun, but rather “invalidates” the computation, causing it to rerun the next time a flush occurs.

A flush will occur automatically as soon as the system is idle if there are invalidated computations.

You also have the possibility to invalidate memcache and/or varnish for related items and also fo back references. For a more detailed example see configure.zcml: # Model class IExtra Settings(model. Bool( title=_(u"PDF"), description=_(u"Invalidate latest generated PDF file"), required=False, default=False ) # Behaviour class Extra Behavior(object): implements(IExtra Settings) adapts(IPDFAware) def __init__(self, context): self.context = context @property def pdf(self): """ PDF """ return False @pdf.setter def pdf(self, value): """ Invalidate last generated PDF?