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The photo to the left shows the photo Angea usually uses and if you look carefully you can see the Odessa Seaport in the background - very exotic.Name: Natacha Douxange AKA: Angea, Angea Ange Official Age: 41 Age on Dating Sites: 30 - 41 (depending on the site) DOB: Phone: 380662408707 Address: Odessa Apartment, Gagarina 12, Odessa 65000, Ukraine.Golf, gambling casino, Great Lakes Loon baseball teeam.

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A student in a dress and heels, with her purse on her lap, studied the soldier sealed up in his white Tyvek suit and raised her hand.

Stan (center) siges a filmmaker, director, and writer, and Larry (r.

The oil under Iraqi soil belonged to the US and the refusal of Saddam Hussein to make it available to President George W Bush was sufficient justification for the invasion.