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She doesn’t wear her veil often and has no car or income, but she’s healthy.

(Leila) “I want a dowry of 400 and someone my age or older, this is very important for me.” Fearing social stigma, many women opt not to use their photos. While a site like Hafezoon may seem unusual for a conservative nation like Iran, in some ways it’s consistent: Signing up requires gender selection, and once a profile is either male or female, access to same-sex members is restricted.

They can also search by car price, as one’s car is among the most important status symbols in the country.

Which is why Mohsen mentions his vehicle in his profile. I spend most of my time on the Internet or watching TV.” Mohsen doesn’t drink, but he’s OK if others do.

In fact, the most common type of temporary marriage occurs between a wealthier man and a poorer widow or divorcee.