Is eddie izzard dating anyone

Is eddie izzard dating anyone

I think that my child-like character that appears in my stand-up now was locked off at six. You could look through the door and there was stuff happening inside... Ooh one of those...' It's a bit like Spinal Tap: 'Shoe shop...

But my brother and I were both there, which was better than just one of us. I actually went back there and played a street performing gig as part of a Labour Party get-together outdoor something or other. I could run one of those.'We had a radio at school in Wales.

That's why I wanted to be in the army because they were always peeling potatoes and I thought, well, I like potatoes, so...

And this school served macaroni with warm milk, I mean, what the fuck was that? And the best meal they had - they would take you down to the swimming baths on a Thursday and you'd come back and have sausage and chips, and that was fantastic.

We went on these school outings when I was at school in Eastbourne. I knew 'We've Got All The Time In The World' could be number one.