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To support her would throw the nation in to further turmoil and felt he was better served as the voice of the conservative party to temper their emotions for a more stable country.

Due to her nation's economic and political instability, Marina attempts to travel the world to ask various nations for aid to relieve her country's suffering.

I wonder if they think they're some sort of Gods" Setsuna commented, "Then there are battles, people will die." Marina responded, "With their typical intervention, even more people will die! When Rasa Massoud Rachmadi (the Imam who kept the conservatives in check) was kidnapped, Azadistan erupted into violent civil unrest, bordering civil war.

They're using force to reach their goals without even attempting to solve things peacefully. " Setsuna answered, "People die while you talk it out" Marina wanted to give a rebuttal, but Setsuna continued, "The ones who destroyed the Krugis Republic was Azadistan! I still fight" His words frightened Marina, but she still asked, "Are you with the conservatives!? " Setsuna answered, "Even if I killed you, it wouldn't change a thing. Celestial Being was able to save Rasa and Exia returned him to the palace, unarmed.

She is politically inexperienced and comes from an ordinary household, but accepted the position of Princess of Azadistan when Parliament chose her based on her lineage.