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Hes projected to be the no.1 draft pick in the NFL. Anybody check out the latest article on Terez Owens about Rodgers in Vegas?

Prototypical bad boy who rubs a lot of people the wrong way with his, well, unapologetic entitled behavior. I did get a slight homophobic vibe from the guys harassing Rodgers, but Rodgers is also a homophobe, so it seems warranted.

Like most of us, he's the embodiment of a flawed individual.

What's most distressing is that he can't/won't live an open life as a gay man, when that very act would both free himself and change so many other people's lives and perceptions.[quote]Like most of us, he's the embodiment of a flawed individual. We're not intellectualizing a closeted, homophobic millionaire are we?

I think he wouldn't go on Howard or a Howard-like show because Howard is liberal and I gather Rodgers is not and also Rodgers is very religious and Howard is not.

Ironically Howard is equated with "smut" when Aaron Rodgers has pretty low character and zero integrity. I do not see anything new developing from the AR & KL story unless more pictures of the two of them are released by someone, or KL talks.

R19, he was Defensive Player of the year in the SEC. that seat filler comment was the straw that broke KL's back because shortly after he had to remind AR how he "helped" him.

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