Kenyan adult sexual photos

Chela Yegon- that's the most Googled name on the Kenyan internet in the past few days, that's because one lady who goes by the name- Chela Yegon has had her nude photos plus a steamy sextape leaked online.

How the nude photos & the sextape found their way into the internet still remains a puzzle as Chela Yegon claims that an old flame of hers leaked them but the guy who has been identified as Jamul has denied leaking them adding that Chela Yegon is just spoiling his name.

Just when I was beginning to think that they could not possibly become any more despicable, they have come out to show us that when you’ve already sunk to such depths, what’s a few metres deeper?

The description of the channel is, I kid you not, “we eat the eaten and bring evidence”.

There are rumors claiming that Zari Hassan has had her lips filled (like kylie Jenner) however the lady refuted this through an instagram live session she had last night with her fans. The Citizen TV anchor needs no makeup to look gorgeous; even in the middle of the night Lillian Muli still looks yummy like Sanford chicken, can chew to the bone.