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Kitty has been in bed and at home, since she's given birth to Rhonda & Brad. There has been progress throughout the city, but the schools still sucked and Snaptrap's still a stupid moron as well as Zippy, but enough with that crap. She was wearing a white shirt and dark blue jeans and white socks. Too bad, that I had to be the very first female agent to take maternity leave at Petropolis' TUFF."Then an almost a year old Rhonda walks up to the recliner. "But have Peri take the twins away for a minute.""Okay, Kit-Kat." Dudley said as he turns his head. The audience cheers & applaudes for her."You bellowed, Mr. " she asks as the audience laughs."Yes, Peri." Dudley started. "I've traced this call from Christina's Croissants.""That's good." Roz said. "Mini Kitty turns to her."It was traced at , regular sis! "Then she clicks on the mouse and the page on Roz's computer was printing in the printer."There! Mini TUFF quintet." she greeted with a smile on her face. Julie then gives him the printout of Karey."Here you go." she said.

This chapter is an original idea, but the time skip was given to me by Danny angel and the script for the chapter was given to me by Dark Madge Dragon. old Kitty Katswell-Puppy lying in her recliner watching tv. The audience cheers, whistles, & applaudes for them. Do you have any more information about the anonymous person who told us about a group of people, who set up a number of bombs under the city? "Devon does."So Roz turns to Devon."Here." Devon started. Dudley then turns to her."So, who's gonna take it to the Chief? "I did it last time.""Julie's gonna do it this time, Duds." Roz said. "I forgot."Then Julie walks up to the TUFF team's cubical with some papers."Hey, TUFF quartet. "The thing I printed had some information for the lazy-ass Chief.""Okay." Julie said as she looks through the papers. Who printed a photo of Karey in her red & black bikini and black sport panties? Mini Dudley raises his hand up meekly."I-I-It was me, Julie." he said as he was blushing as the audience laughs."Oh, Mini Duds." Mini Kitty said as she rolls her eyes as the audience laughs.

"Don't you like being at home with me and Brad and Peri? Your mommy's boss is a mean, old stubborn flea whose setting his ways and he won't let me go back to work and I feel kind of down."Then her ears go down."Aw.

She looks up at Kitty."What are you talking about mommy? Kitty looks at her baby daughter."I'm talking about my job, Rhonda sweetie." she said."You mean that building that's spelt with the letters? "The very same building that your daddy, your aunt and me work at.""Oh." Rhonda said as she picks up a cat doll off the floor. The audience cheers & applaudes for Dudley."Hey, Kit-Kat." he greeted. "Brad looks at his mother."She doesn't look too happy, dad." he said."She doesn't?

Merry Christmas, Dudley." Kitty said, as she gives him a perfectly wrapped gift with Dudley's name on it."Thank you, Kitty! " he shouted."Well, we better go see what the Chief wants." Kitty said."Yeah.