Libertarian dating california

Why does the government of California have a problem with this?

Because they claim a business owner’s freedom to specifically choose what kind of business they want and focus on supplying goods and services to targeted demographics is discrimination.

This ruling also affected websites such as , and others like them. Nobody wants others to be treated badly because of their race, sexual orientation, marital status, etc.

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Website: December 11, 1971 in Westminister, Colorado Highest Office Won: County Supervisor Current Party Ranking: 3rd largest of Six Qualified Parties in California Current Voter Registration: 0.69% of California's voters (121,876 registered voters as of 2/10/2015) The Libertarian Party was first founded in Westminister, Colorado in 1971.

Others may prefer to give their money to a business that primarily employs a certain race.

Discriminating based on preference is something consumers do daily.

When an entrepreneur decides to start a business, it is highly recommended by business experts that he/she defines his/her market to a targeted niche.