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Suryakanth's younger brother Ramakanth (Tusshar Kapoor) is an admirer of Silk and starts to befriend her.Silk develops a liking for him, after she realizes that he is the first man who loves her for more than just her body and sex appeal.

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She fails to impress a casting director, and he insults her for being unattractive and unable to act.

Determined to secure a role, she spontaneously auditions for the position of a background dancer.

Abraham finds himself falling in love with Silk, even though he denies it first, as he struggles with this moral dilemma.

During a phone conversation with Silk, Abraham becomes alarmed when she asks him to bid farewell to everyone for her.

On the other hand, Abraham directs a film which turns out to be a huge hit, and he feels that he has finally proven to Silk (and himself) that his films do not need any sexualisation to be successful.