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("Frame Up") Di Nozzo is a flirt, and has his fair share of success in that department.

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Both are rescued from the elevator and survive their ordeal.

In season thirteen, Di Nozzo confesses his love for Ziva after learning of her apparent death, and it is revealed that the two have a child named Tali.

In "Truth or Consequences", Gibbs saves his entire team by shooting the leader of a terrorist cell with a killshot after Di Nozzo and Mc Gee get captured looking for Ziva.

In the season nine finale, "Till Death Do Us Part", a bomb blast at NCIS headquarters occurs with Gibbs tackling Abby to the floor in her lab. In the episode "Extreme Prejudice", Gibbs goes after Harper Dearing, cornering the terrorist in a home in West Virginia, and when the man is about to use his gun, Gibbs stabs him, killing him.

At the same time, Kate is willing to risk her life for Di Nozzo and admits that life would be considerably less interesting without him around. (Michael Weatherly) is a former homicide detective for the Baltimore Police Department.