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Season 19, Episode 14October 11, 2016Young people with parents addicted to opiates share their stories.

One's mom uses prescription pills and turns every encounter into a fight; the other's dad is hooked on heroin and the daughter fears he'll eventually dies of an overdose.

When class hottie Mandy Shaw presents her short story in writing class, fellow student Brendan Mahoney's erotic reading has the class in an uproar. See full summary ยป This one hour documentary follows 4 young people who are moving to the Big Apple to pursue their dreams.

The show also touches on relationship issues like homosexuality and open relationships.

There are episodes covering mental illnesses and physical illnesses.

Frank Edgar starred on the show and went on to become a UFC Lightweight Champion.

They were both featured in life goal style episodes that covered their chosen professions and their struggles and successes in them.

This weekly documentary series looks at the lives and concerns of MTV's viewers.