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Durban This two chiefs student got kicked out of ELANGENI and MAHARANI hotel because there beard on the left is Mohammed Yusuf (17) and his friend Huzaifah Mohideen (23).

Picture by: SIBONELO NGCOBODurban - Members of Durban’s Muslim community have slammed the Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani hotel management for refusing to allow two Muslim student chefs to continue their internships if they did not remove their beards.

They were under the impression that hair had to be “neat and tidy”‚ but their religious beliefs soon clashed with hotel policy.

The Tsogo Sun group told Radio Islam ( “We have a hygiene policy in the kitchens that includes restrictions on facial hair ….“As soon as we became aware of their religious beliefs‚ we contacted Capsicum and arranged for them to be placed in a Halaal kitchen‚ where facial hair is acceptable.

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