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I focused my attention on what lay between his legs, his beautiful dick. I was getting close to my orgasm, when I noticed his hand moved and grabbed his cock. He removed his hand only for a moment, spitting into his palm he grasped his cock and began to slowly stroke himself. My entire body seemed to convulse from my very core as I came. I looked at him, he was smiling at me as he fondled his hardening dick.

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He looked so sexy laying there and I became aroused. He pulled out and collapsed on the bed beside me, both of us sweating and panting. I thank the good Lord every day that I have Ben in my life.

I wanted him so badly but I didn’t want to wake him. I collapsed on top of him, his cock embedded deep inside me. ” He panted, slipping his dick out of me for a moment. After gaining our composure back, we kissed and held each other.

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