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And then I drew those shapes and that light, and over the course of several days, the additional planes that made up his whole, fascinating body. As Americans, we tend to amp up the taboo factor of the naked body.

In France, bare breasts in a magazine could mean: “I keep my body clean with this all-natural soap!

I turned back to the man and felt my eyes adjust like a camera lens.

Instead of seeing the most private part of this man’s body, the thing that he made love with and the thing that he went to the bathroom with, I forced myself to see a series of shapes and light gradations between his legs.

My instructor looked at me from the head of the dim room and smiled. ” I said.“I’m actually a yoga teacher myself.”“Oh, like hatha? ” I asked, eager to show off how yoga smart I was.“Not exactly …” she said. Here in Austin it was typically organized through Meet, she explained, since most mainstream gyms and yoga studios were hesitant to host classes, much less announce them on their Google calendars.“You should totally come sometime,” she told me, sensing my genuine curiosity. About eight years before, in college, I had taken a Drawing II class where our first big assignment was to draw a live model.