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They didn't do anything to upgrade the bathroom and it has no partitions between the urinals. Basement toilets in the Science Building have a perfect setup since four stalls are lined up directly behind the urinals.

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Donald Barker said he was driving to Clarenville on Thursday afternoon when a grey Honda Civic drifted into his lane on the Burin Peninsula highway. The incident was also caught on Newhook’s dash cam, and the video went viral.

– A dash cam caught a Newfoundland driver’s dangerous drift into oncoming traffic, forcing another motorist to drive the wrong way to avoid a high-speed crash. If there was anything in their lane I would have hit it,” Barker said on Twitter. Someone was watching over both of us today.” The driver of the Civic didn’t stop. The near-miss mirrored an incident a month ago, when 34-year-old Roger Hendry was charged with dangerous driving after a car nearly collided head-on with Michael Newhook’s vehicle on Peacekeepers Way.

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