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Terms of use: https:// Privacy policy: https:// I know the old version was a bit outdated…but it worked. Matches is all wrong…why do I see contacts in Perth when I'm in Melbourne & have a set distance from me. As the saying goes…if it ain't broke, don't fix it.oasis active i found is 90% of lyers scammers , most women want money, if dont send money they are gone to the next guy, i sent money to just try it out, once i did the girl was gone, only a handfull that are normal also most dont talk once added, they just like to fill their messenger up with contacts, lots ages are fake and photos, i went on video with a few women and they looked nothing like their photos are was way too much over weight while their pics was slim and completely different person, i dont care if they over weight , they should just tell the truth, the phone app is crap and using the website on a computer always slow , disconnects, freezes, but with saying all this, ive tried other date sites that are worse, so i will try to find a partner from that 10% if is possible .I have taken two serious connections from here to further develop a potential relationship, both times have been elaborate stories with empty would not believe the extend they went to with their stories.

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You may be surprised what one conversation can turn into.

The Oasis Active dating site invites people age 18 and over to sign up and start connecting.

Not only is he my best friend he's my beautiful loving partner..Thankyou Oasis I had been on and off oasis for a few years.

When l say off, there would be periods of a few months when l just couldnt be bothered.

-I read lots of older 40 yr old women looking for younger men.