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Patton Village is a city in Montgomery County, Texas, United States. Bruce Nichols of The Dallas Morning News said that "Several people familiar with the town said troubles began in Patton Village after founding father H. Patton [...] lost control." In 1985 the city instituted a small property tax.

After the community was established, it became known as a "speed trap." In the late 1970s H. Patton lost control of the development, due to age.

This caused severe financial issues in the community; the city did not provide W-2 forms for its municipal employees by the designated deadlines. The newly elected mayor, 66-year-old Robert Devaney, announced on Tuesday May 17, 1988 that he was going to shut down the municipal court that had processed speeding tickets.

90% of Patton Village's revenues had originated from the "speed traps" processed by the court and enforced by the then 20-member Patton Village Police Department. Devaney criticized the community for relying on "speed trap" revenues and said that his community may give amnesty to drivers with speeding tickets and that it may be able to reduce the police budget since it no longer uses the speed trap.

Lloyd Oliver, the city attorney of Patton Village, threatened to legally challenge Valigura's bill in court and said that it "discriminates against towns under 5,000 population." The pre-Valigura law 1989 Patton Village budget had a projection of $297,700 in total revenues, with 79%, $236,000, to originate from the municipal court issuing citations. Since then, the Patton Village authorities tried to overhaul the community's image.

As of June 1989, police officer vehicles had rooftop lights, and police officers no longer hide in underbrush.

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