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It was like I found the sister I always dreamed of. I left several buttons undone and bent over to experiment, looking into the mirror to confirm that in that position, anyone could look right down my blouse and get a great view of my tits hanging down. " I muttered to myself, giving myself one last glance in the mirror. Overall, I wasn't dressed that differently than I might have been usually.

I turned and smiled at my son, who stood rooted in the doorway, half in and half out of the room, staring at my ass. Only when I closed the oven door did I hear him walk away.

I leaned against the counter top, my whole body shaking from the tension.

Late one night as we came down from mutual orgasms, Donna first broached a subject that would set our course towards a life changing event. Then I managed to wrap the towel around me and told him I'd be finished in just a minute if he needed to pee. I was terribly aroused at the thought of my friend teasing her son. I giggled as I impulsively stuck them in my mouth and sucked my own cream off. Why don't you go clean up, grab a shower and I'll have dinner on the table when you get back downstairs." I walked up to him and kissed him on the corner of his mouth, aware that he was staring intently at me as I crossed the room.

As I slowly stroked my still throbbing pussy, my leg draped over the side of my chair, Donna asked me, (forgive me if this is awkward, but I'm not sure how else to write this). My son had fled the room, but not before I could make out a discernable bulge in his cutoff jeans. I guess I got focused for a moment on my own gratification because Donna had to prompt me. I wondered how visible my nipples might be against the white material of my blouse as I leaned into him and stood on tip-toe to kiss him, pressing my unfettered breasts against his hard body.

I clicked off the internet and focused on fingering myself.