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But new mobile apps like Meerkat are changing that.

Twitter drew major media attention for this mobile broadcasting trend in March 2015 when it announced it was buying Periscope, one of the new mobile apps for live streaming video.

Being able to write in a foreign language is one thing, but being able to speak fluently in it is another.

This is the true essence of what language learning is all about – being able to converse with native speakers of the language of study.

Periscope also offers the option of doing either public or private live streams, a nice touch that allows for live videoconferencing, private teaching, and similar uses. BAMBUSER is an older app that’s been around for a while and gained a lot of attention in 20 when protestors used it to broadcast live video from street protests in Egypt and other countries during the “Arab Spring” uprisings.

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    If you made a recent backup via i Tunes, simply connect the i Phone to the computer and restore via i Tunes.

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