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Poepel was born on 21 October 1896 in Aue in the German state of Saxony, the son of a smith, Albin Poepel.

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When the Lord Mayor, Paul Geipel, was called up for Wehrmacht service in 1940 Poepel deputised as Lord Mayor and, from January 1945, he became the acting Lord Mayor (kommissarischer Oberb├╝rgermeister).

In spring of 1945 he learned that a unit from the American Army was advancing on the town from the west.

With Poepel's personal guarantee the latter was able to persuade the divisional headquarters to have anti-tank obstacles built instead of blowing up the bridges.

Within four days members of the Technical Emergency Service built numerous anti-tank obstacles on the key bridges in Aue, using wooden beams and stones ridges.

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