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Lately, they got hooked into archery so this is one thing that is added to their already busy schedule. The book series must have had a significant influence on that one Older son, who is now in 12th grade, is in the community college taking college courses. I will always cherish the moments shared learning and growing together. Thank you Lord for the privilege of homeschooling my kids!For the second semester, he has College Algebra, Chemistry, English Lit, and Music Theory. Many times, I look back at pre school days when I was still teaching my younger son how to read. Imee Homeschool Skedtrack It has been awhile since my last blog entry – for us, the year just went by so quickly. It was because of 2 things: Science Olympiad preparations and preparing for our soon to be 12th grader’s future.

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Both kids still busy with music lessons and martial arts.

Prayerfully, I hope that this year, my kids will learn to see things in light of eternity.

I don’t know exactly how to do that but I pray that our Lord will lead the way. The school year just zipped by with many things happening in our midst.

Both of my boys got promoted to senior brown in their martial arts class.

A lot of work but thanks to the Courses-Import, I can just “recycle” some of the courses and I do not have to re-invent the wheel.