Pastoral dating etiquette

Lunch always features a traditional home-made hot pudding with custard as well as a wide selection of whole and cut fruits and yoghurt.Supper is at 5.45 pm (6.30 pm on Saturday) and comprises two hot main meal choices, one of which is always a vegetarian option, plus baked potato, vegetables, fresh fruits and a wide choice of cold desserts as well as tea, coffee and hot chocolate.Breakfast is at 7.30 am (9.00 am Sundays) and comprises of a selection of six hot cooked items plus porridge and a choice of eight different breakfast cereals.

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But then, it’s not really a job at all, it’s a calling.

God has promised to provide those He calls to that work everything they need to accomplish the task. One of the things God intends for pastors and other church leaders to be able to count on to help them in their work is the genuine appreciation and hearty cooperation of the members of the congregation. Words of approbation and appreciation are crucial, and not to be neglected.

Pastors typically don’t have upper class salaries, so financial help with practical things will mean more than something decorative or funny, especially if it allows them the opportunity to choose their preferences: More than anything, pastors and clergy–and their spouses–are in need of affirmation and encouragement.

Your handwritten letter of appreciation will do far more for their spirits than any token or obligatory gift offering, so consider including more than a “Merry Christmas” with your gift.

Most of the pupils also enjoy their breakfast and supper in the dining hall apart from members of Reid's House who take their breakfast in their own dining hall under the watchful eye of the duty House staff.