Profile picture tips online dating

I have cut and paste my email correspondence with X below that includes links to the study, X’s results from his own private study, and my female commentary. I can totally understand why women are giving you more attention with the new picture. I know this example is a great online dating tip that other men can use. I think you hit the nail on the head about not trying as hard.

Email from X Hi Marni, I wanted to tell you about an online dating experience I had which was incredibly fascinating… It’s way more eye catching and really paints a picture of a moment with you. This would be a great service you could offer….profile photo critiques!

I am about to give you a great online dating tip for selecting a profile picture.

The picture is the first thing we all look at when we are checking out a profile.

So you gotta make sure you are selecting the proper pictures.

X ——— X attached a picture of himself looking away from camera which I have included here. Again, thank you for letting me share this with others.

My initial response when I saw this picture was, that guy is super cute, I would date him. Keep me posted with your online dating success 🙂 Marni —– The point of the profile picture is meant to give women a snapshot into your life.

For a number of years I’ve been doing the online dating thing. In every one of these profiles, I posted photos with me looking directly at the camera. These 3 photos look forced, cheesy and to honest, not so attractive. I just can’t believe I’ve been using these other photos for so many years.