Local text and fuck free - Pulse reddit not updating

Long and short: This is a half implemented item, expect more from this in the next couple weeks.Some of the O of the OP is gone from the go to weapon for Rust Pv Pers this week.To avoid any trickery, if any items are moved, the trade is cancelled.

The semi auto pistol now has increased recoil while moving and a larger aimcone - impacting accuracy at medium and long distances.

UPDATE 12/08/2016 5.30am: Hello Games has offered a fix for the conundrum that has plagued many a player here.

BST (aprox) Update 4: The reddit AMA thread goes live to gather questions ahead of time.

( BST) Update 9: Looks like we're going over the 10 hour mark. We're going to be updating Elite Dangerous with The Engineers (2.1) and 1.6.

on death) - Fix a crash creating certain scenarios - Fixed crash in fighter cockpit when kinematic is ready before its target - Fix crash when trying to use FSDInterdictor on a target object that is not a ship - Fix crash with ship components activating before the object is ready - Crash fix for when a weapon with the Malfunction Hit special effect hits a module that can't malfunction - Prevent crash when applying livery items while deploying or boarding with the SRV - Fix softlock happening sometimes when editing or deleting a bookmark - Handle the case where we don't have a reference module more gracefully, and output some more useful logs for debugging this General Tweaks & Fixes - Fix case where save could get in an inconsistent state and game would think the player was flying while the server thought they were docked, preventing cargo collection among other things - Fix a cause of becoming stranded in an SRV above a planet's surface - Make sure that flight model handles forces correctly - Add links to new tutorial videos - Community Goal rewards now automatically redeem after 2 weeks - Fix Imperial Cutter hull issue blocking cargo scooping - Set server status and in-game main menu notifications during weekly server maintenance - Missile and Torpedoes Icons are wrong way around fixed in outfitting - Adding ship type string for damaged fed cap ship so it doesn't assert on contacts panel - User cannot return to gameplay after selecting the Spoiler option in Livery Outfitting with a ship paint job already applied fixed - Updated nested bookmark icon to improve clarity - Various text fixes Missions - Fix founder delivery to not go to smaller ports / outposts - Fix for mission cargo being marked as illegal salvage when dropped from a target ship - Temporarily remove SRV mining - Reduced the chance of wrinkles from test levels - Reduced chance of treasure tips from test levels - Rather than the total number of micro resources (spanning all types), say what type and how many of that type we need space for - Make planetary missions use rank to determine base strength - Remove economy dupes in info panel and popup when secondary economy is the same as main economy - Remove low level materials from the rewards lists so that players can't be given them by missions - Various text fixes Engineers - Allow some Engineers to gain reputation by activities other than crafting - Rebalance engineer reputation gain from crafting blueprints - Updated rate of Engineer progression balancing numbers - Prevent superpower reputation from affecting rep gained by Engineers crafting recipes - Engineers invite mission does not take into account the size of your ship when it selects destination fixed - Remove unused variables from engineer missions because they may have been blocking progress - Increase default size of Pop Up Engineer Dialogue s in order to accommodate larger strings - Resource Grade icons have been updated to support grade 5 resources - Updated buff icons to make them more readable Render - Improvement for ice planets to increase the detail in the mid distance.