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“White kids have Ellen and Rosie O’Donnell, but black kids don’t have anyone.“There is still so much homophobia in the African American community, and it is beyond tough to come out – when I did I was called all manner of names, I had guys throwing condoms at me in the street, I was called fa***t, carpet muncher, I was told I was going to hell.” Everyone Knows John Travolta Is Gay, Says Carrie Fisher Tajah goes on to share that from her experience a lot more African Americans are gay than people would ever suspect, and that she was shocked by how many NFL and NBA athletes that she discovered were “on the down low.” “I was blown away by how many athletes are gay,” she told Radar It was the love that launched a thousand twee Tumblr ships, but it was not meant to last. Rihanna and Shia La Beouf Both parties have since admitted that this was literally just one date but we can't help but wonder what might have happened if sparks flew …

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Neil Patrick Harris & Partner To Become Parents To Twins However, she shared that the unnamed artist was “amazing” and that they “really hit it off” before going on to tell Radar that she was actually “one of the reasons I started writing my book – she was that voice, that light into my life.” Tajah said that she believes the singer had dated women before and that they had a passionate fling that ended when their schedules became busy and it was difficult to find time to see each other – she says that they still remained in contact with each other though after the affair ended.

PHOTOS: Cher And Chaz – Mother & Child Reunion Tajah told Radar that she also dated “a very well known actress, a lot older, who also worked as a model” and a “well known female reality TV star.” She says that the actress, a very well respected figure in the African American community, was not officially out as a lesbian but that it was the “worst kept secret in Hollywood.” PHOTOS: Cher & Chaz Attend Art Exhibit For Elijah Blue Burton says that she is not surprised by the reticence of celebrities to come out of the closet, detailing her own experience as an African American lesbian trying to make it in the Entertainment Industry.

At the 2015 Golden Globes, however, Keira and Jamie reportedly ignored one another entirely — so we don't think she'll be queuing up for a While most people think Tom Cruise started dating Penelope Cruz right after his split with Nicole Kidman, we know there was a brief gap — in fact, rumor has it that Cruise was auditioning girlfriends at the Scientology Center in Los Angeles at the time, with candidates ranging from Jennifer Garner to Scarlett Johansson.

Will Smith had reportedly tried to be a real-life and set up his pal with Vergara, but the romance fizzled quickly. Jessica Biel and Chris Evans), they dated off-and-on for five years. And nothing particularly newsworthy happened, which maybe says it all? Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco Superman can fly around the world (or something), but that didn't help him keep Kaley Cuoco by his side.

“I was dancing with him and then I went to the ladies room and when I returned he had totally moved onto some other girl!