Romo and jessica simpson dating

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Maybe he knows what he’s getting into though, and really wants to date her.

Simpson is definitely a loyal girlfriend who will stick with a guy and try to please him.

Maybe she’ll be out with a new boyfriend again before long, but I think she should wait a while and make sure she’s happy on her own before jumping into another relationship.

(Watch the clip above.) See Jessica Simpson's most outrageous moments "Normally you would think that somebody you care about would keep those intimate details to themselves," she says. It's like, I'm the good girl and then that happens." Although she says she "was very disappointed by the article" and hasn't talked to him since it was published, she does say she "will always care about him." Are these former couples on better terms?

, Jessica has been cyber flirting with a player for the Washington Redskins who’s described as the archenemy of Jessica’s ex, Tony Romo! “And on July 31, Colt Fed Ex’d her a Redskins jersey.