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Titles What started as a ranking system at the now deserted Mobilising Armies (more on that later), titles were once a fun diversion at a single location.Now, it’s almost impossible to venture to the GE without seeing at least half a dozen users’ name and title take up half a line of text as they discuss who has less of a life than they.Allowing players to purchase such sophisticated stock as the Break Wind emote and the “lel so edgy and le cool ~XD” Revolutionary Mask and Hat, this store sells a variety of junk.

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It’s impossible to train in many locations because there are just so many bots to compete against for resources. They do this in order to turn a quick profit at the expense of the players both financially and in the declining quality of the game.

The reason they remain unbanned is likely the membership fee many of the botting accounts pay. We the players need our voices to be heard, but quitting is not the solution.

Jagex has acknowledged the problem and still done nothing to prevent it. Temporary Content Holiday events at Christmas, Easter, and Halloween have always been a fun seasonal activity, but now Jagex will waste time on content never to be seen again for the most trivial reason. At least the Gielinor Games was related to the vast majority of the world and came with weight reducing clothing, but too bad it was only around for four weeks. We are eight months into the year and have only seen six quests, a third of which are novice quests.

Thanksgiving, the Diamond Jubilee, and Octoberfest? These events aren’t necessarily bad, but the development time could easily be spent on something better. Jagex needs to start releasing authentic and genuine content more often instead of the temporary and artificial excuses for content. Solomon’s General Store Microtransactions have been the ruin of many an MMO in the past, and this store is exactly that.

It would appear simple enough to detect when the same few identical messages are sent by a player through private chat dozens of times in a short period of time, but no solution remedy exists.