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So the Scammer will almost always try to entice you, their intended victim, into conducting personal communications through emails and private chats on places like MSN, Yahoo, and Skype etc.

where the Scammer detection system of ALM cannot intrude on their goal to cheat someone like you out of your hard earned money. Our determination of whether they are scamming or not depends on whether they are trying to achieve their goal of getting the member's money by telling lies to trick him/her into providing money or simply trying to obtain money through openly and honestly setting an economic price as a condition of having a relationship.

Who is, and how real this great deal is, and after you have made a modest down payment on a Ferrari and started thumbing through magazines selling mansions by the sea, some totally unexpected problem arises.

A small bribe is required to appease some government official, or any one of a thousand different emergencies that can be thought up by an honest guy like Dr.

Here's all you have to do when you get a message from some idiot on a dating site telling you that they have a gazillion dollars they want to share with you - slap yourself hard on the forehead for even wondering if it could be true, and REPORT THEM!