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Nuva Bling was a funny concept executed pretty well (“Did you get those earrings at Tiffany’s?

” “Close, I got them from my vagina”) and worked a lot better for me than the later pre-taped bit in which Nasim Pedrad had a dick.

A dating game sketch (not even an attempt to give the game any weird details) led to an unsurprising reveal (Timberlake and Andy Samberg in “Dick In A Box” character) and a very surprising one (the Festrunk brothers) and, well, you can guess where it went from there.

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I’m not going to love an SNL episode just because Justin Timberlake is hosting, no matter how many famous guest stars, past hosts, and legendary sketches he revives. This episode was pretty darn funny, start to finish? In fact, even though this was obviously the big “event” episode of the year, crammed with audience-wowing moments, it’s safe to say SNL could be on a roll. Justin Timberlake doing an Elton John impression reading wacky Wikipedia facts about Hugo Chavez?

I don’t care if Jay-Z shows up to perform with him or Dan Aykroyd squeezes back into plaid pants as one of the Festrunk Brothers. I was ready to pronounce this patient dead on arrival.

With Weekend Update running so short (only one panelist) I was surprised this managed to survive the cuts.

But the last two sketches brought the train into the station. The fact that this show returned to two sketches from the Jamie Foxx episode shows how underrated that one was, but I’d definitely argue that this sketch was a step up from an already-strong start, with some truly disturbing personal revelations from the stars, like that Bayer’s “middle parts” have been replaced with plastic bags, or that Strong once woke up covered in blood and was like, “Hello?

He was also impersonated by Jimmy Fallon on the January 12, 2002 episode during the "HBO First Look" sketch and by Matt Damon on the October 5, 2002 episode during the "Angry Dance-Off" sketch.