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When it comes to online dating, there’s always a chance that someone who put that they’re looking for someone to spend forever with doesn’t always mean it; but it can be a better choice than someone who says they’re looking for “fun late nights” or “short-term/casual dating.” In short, read carefully and be realistic. Often members of online dating sites will give a little glimpse of their relationship history to people who stop by their profiles, offering hints about their past.

No matter how attractive he or she is, explore getting to know who she/he really is rather than making decisions based on his/her potential! If someone has written that they just got out of a “painful five-year on-and-off relationship” that they’re still getting over, they MAY not be in the right state to begin a new relationship anytime soon.

SETfor was founded in 2009 by CEO Brad Boyd, as a solution for a friend who was ready for marriage.

We felt there needed to be a better option than trudging along in bars and nightclubs or filtering through static photos on a dating website in attempt to establish a connection with someone, only to hope you have the same end goal in mind. Don’t MOST sites want their members to ultimately get married? Most sites are focused only on you as a single person.

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