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) Celeb: Hayden Panettiere, Christina Aguilera Codes: MFF, cons, oral, anal, mast, preg, lact If you’re under whatever the applicable age is … Continue reading Danneel’s Photo Shoot Experience By: Doctor Doom Celeb: Danneel Harris Codes: MF, cons, nc, bond, m Dom, oral, anal, impreg Disclaimer: This is fiction, fantasy, etc.

Continue reading A Three Hour Tour Starring: Kristen Kreuk, Allison Mack and Erica Durance By Dbud (feedback requested, email [email protected] through the message boards) Codes: MF, NC, rape, viol, preg Disclaimer: Not real. The events of this story never happened, nor are they likely to ever happen. Continue reading Mind Fucking Estella By: Doctor Doom Celeb: Estella Warren Codes: MF, mc, mdom, rape, mast, oral, anal, impreg Disclaimer: The usual; this is a total fantasy.

This story is entirely fictional in every conceivable way, including within the bounds of our …

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Continue reading Story Title: Taylor Swift’s 21st Birthday Author: The Big Love126 Codes: MF, reluc, drugs, first, preg Celebs: Taylor Swift Disclaimer: The actions in this story would never ever happen, but in my mind they would Title: Two Nickelodeon Starlets Author: The Big Love126 Codes: MFf, rape, drugs, preg Celebs: Victoria Justice, Miranda Cosgrove Disclaimer: The content of this story not only includes rape, but the rape of a 17 year old actress. Continue reading Author: Theocrytis Story: Myth Or Legend?

: The Taking Of Kirsty Gallacher Codes: MF, Rape, Preg Celeb: Kirsty Gallacher This story should not be read by anyone under 18 as it contains descriptions of scenes with graphic sexual violence. Continue reading Title: Manwhore To The Stars Episode 6: “Maps” Author: By D ([email protected]) (please do e-mail me I really appreciate it!

Bush, Girls Aloud, Hilary Clinton, Jennifer Garner, Joe Biden, Karen Gillan, Kristen Bell, Kristen Stewart, Louise Redknapp, Lynn Cheney, Michelle Obama, Zhang Ziyi, Zooey Deshanel Well, how’s this for a Christmas surprise?

Yes indeed, your eyes are not deceiving you, it is indeed a new chapter of The Harem for the first time in more than two years, just in time for Santa to make …

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