a rod dating wrestler - Smart playlist not updating

As you can see in the above screenshot I have my playlist sorted by ‘Date Added’ which is exactly how I want things ordered.

Once I synced my i Phone playlist showed my music sorted by ‘Date Added’ as well.

This is true even if your original was encoded at a lower quality setting. Doug Adams has launched a great new Macintosh application on the Mac App Store called "Smarts." The app stores the only the criteria which define the Smart Playlists, the smarts of a Smart Playlist, as templates that can be restored later.

Further the "Smarts" can be exported for backup or shared with others.

Understanding the Basics of Playlists and Smart Playlists Managing Playlists in i Tunes Managing Smart Playlists in i Tunes Community Q&A A playlist allows you to group your favorite songs together.