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They set it up in bars/restaurants in the Palermo and Recoleta districts. I’ve attended 3 events so far and I’ve really enjoyed them.

The first 30 minutes is reserved for check-ins, loosening up by having a drink or two, and just chatting with other attendees. You can decide to stay after the event if you like and continue the conversations, and many people do stay later. Usually, though, conversations start with the same introductions such as “where are you from? It’s a good way to learn more about the city, the country, and its people.

An Argentine guy at the event actually mentioned this to me and I told him there’s a lot of beautiful women in New York City as well.

He replied with something like, “Yes, but in New York only about 10% of the women are beautiful, here in Buenos Aires it’s about 50%.” I still have to observe this in NYC, but I have to say he’s right about Buenos Aires (Cordoba is another city in Argentina with lots of beautiful women, btw).

Ever since I left Guatemala over 6 months ago I haven’t really been practicing my Spanish much and now that I’m here in Buenos Aires, my last stop in Latin America, I feel like I knew more Spanish when I was Guatemala than I do now.