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The College is famed for its extensive sports facilities, which include seven rugby pitches, five cricket grounds with grass wickets, numerous tennis courts on a mixture of surfaces and all-weather areas for hockey, cricket and other sports.These are located across multiple sports grounds within the seaside town in East Sussex covering around eight hectares in total.

It is so easy to slip or fall, especially on rough banks like ours with concealed holes and other trip hazards.

For safety reasons we had to work in groups rather than alone, and it would frequently take three or four men a whole day to cut a single bank.

It really is a great tool.”He adds: “I do realise that every year we will produce a certain amount of organic matter and as long as I can keep it at an acceptable level we can maintain the greens in the condition we have now.

It has to be an ongoing thing if you want to maintain the quality.

It’s been fantastic – we ripped out a huge amount of organic matter – the trailer was full when we moved away from each green.