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UK Report Challenges Benefits of Higher Broadband Speeds While many of the details are yet to be shared by the company, Michael Cassidy, the project engineer for the project, was optimistic that Project Loon would provide a way to provide broadband access in hard to reach areas: Bill Introduced in Georgia Limits Municipal Broadband Networks: Providers want level playing field at the expense of underserved citizens The technology and balloons being used by Google have been tested in Australia, Latin America, and New Zealand, with partnerships with various providers in each country.

While most of the trials are being conducted outside of the Unites States, Google has also been conducting field tests in California's Central Valley, which is close to the company's headquarters in Mountain View.

Number of Fiber Connected Homes in North America Increases by 13%: 22.6 million Homes Now Passed by Fiber Connections Google quickly followed the two Kansas City deployments with announcements of new networks in Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah.

Google's selection and planning process includes municipality concessions listed in a published "," which include items which speed up the planning and construction process of the build.

Some analysts are speculating that this type of technology could also be used to deploy the system of drones and satellites the company is exploring.