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The current water, roading, economic development, local government legislation, and the PIF will be phase two, once our home is tidied up.

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"Well done Gordon, I enjoy listening to your inspired words in the debates, very logical, easy to listen to and the ratepayers interests at heart, awesome." Name: Murray Chong. "During my second term I plan to further control and expose extravagant spending on nice-to-haves.

For example the recent spending on 10 Pukekura park signs costing $70,000 and five CBD city map signs costing $85,000 could have easily been done for half this cost.

If there's one thing I've learned during my years in both council and the volunteer sector, it's that absolutely anything's achievable when the community works together.

As mayor I'll always accentuate the positive and, in everything I do, I'll always ask myself a simple question: How will this benefit our district? Standing for: Mayor of New Plymouth District Council. Ten years ago I led a United Nations Mission to Kabul, Afghanistan. The Local Government Bill has the potential to take infrastructure, water and roads without approval and must be challenged. Firm leadership and representation for New Plymouth district is required.

In my job, I speak with folk from the shop floor through to top management, and I can tell you there are families who are making real sacrifices to pay the rates bill.