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I have a head start on the men, as Dave (the very single and cute manager of Aromas) and Kevin (from our favorite singers Kevin and Mike) (Kevin is VERY handsome and single) have volunteered to be two of the first to sign up... First 25 girls, and first 23 have a spot in the event. Please email me with questions..remember - this event is FREE!

Even if you don't make it, please come and help make this event a success...besides, what else are you doing on a Thursday night..where else can you date 25 people in about two hours? (not like some of those expensive Speed Dating Services)Let's get this event going - sign up now!

Each person will have a card that they will bring with them to each date.

The men will be numbered 1-25 and the women will be assigned the letters A through Y.

Upon successful registration we will email you a confirmation with the event details.