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* NOTE: This stanza DOES NOT control subsearch results when a subsearch is called by commands such as join, append, or appendcols.* Read more about subsearches in the online documentation: maxout = * Maximum amount of CPU time, in milliseconds, that a key-value pair extractor will be allowed to take before warning.

# * You can also define global settings outside of any stanza, at the top of # the file.

# * Each conf file should have at most one default stanza.

# Version 6.5.2 # # This file contains possible attribute/value pairs for configuring limits for # search commands.

# # There is a in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/default/.

max_infocsv_messages = * If more than max_infocsv_messages log entries are generated, additional entries will not be logged in infocsv_log_level = [DEBUG|INFO|WARN|ERROR] * Limits the messages which are added to to the stated level and above.