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Using the EZCloud company details and by faking the director’s name, the scammers also managed to take over the domain through the Euro DNS registrar.Nova King tried to prevent this from happening by alerting the registrar, but according to an EZTV staffer he was told to get a court order if he wanted his domain back.

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IT registry suspended EZTV’s domain name because of inaccurate Whois information. IT registry put the domain back on the market and it was snapped up by scammers.

The people who took over the domain name came in well-prepared.

They registered the UK company EZCloud LIMITED, which is the same company name as EZTV used.

Initially the takeover wasn’t much of a problem, as EZTV had already moved to a new domain name at EZTV.ch, but things quickly turned from bad to worse.

Initially, there was also the possibility that the servers were compromised as well.