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Another Tinder user, who didn't want her name to be shared, tells us that the majority of responses that come from men are monosyllabic and uninteresting."Hey.

That's all some guys say," she says, "and sure, maybe that worked for Joey in friends, but you know what, it's stupid, and I'm going to end the conversation now.""There are some great guys I've chatted with on Tinder, and I'm now dating one of them," she adds.

They're not looking for casual flings."But it's this perception that he believes can also help apps like Woo and other platforms launched in India, to do well here.

The catch is that users have heard about Tinder, and not about most of the Indian apps."I like the idea of Tinder," says Nupur Yadav, a Delhi-based lawyer. There's a fair amount of conversations coming in, but I've not met a single person through the app."Yadav, who is 32, says that her parents used to keep trying to talk her into an arranged marriage, and created an account for her on Bharat Matrimony five years ago."They were on the topic for maybe a decade, and they gave it a good solid go online for maybe three years," she says, "before they sort of got tired.

We'll suggest common areas of interest and other tips, so when you're chatting with someone through the app, it's like you're there with a common friend who's helping you to know each other better."Niti Mathur, a 31-year-old investment banker based in Gurgaon was the only Vee user we could find in our own networks - she also uses Tinder - though the app does have between 100,000 and 500,000 downloads, and Gupta tells us there are nearly 500,000 users. It still happens on Facebook, though not as much, thank God!

Mathur says she likes the app because of its privacy settings."Do you remember the 'fraaand' requests on Orkut? Look, we're all way too busy and my social circle is the same bunch of loser friends I knew back in school.

At the end of the day though, the original "hookup app" - Tinder - is also available to people here on their smartphones.