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TED JENKIN: It's never fun to think about gloom and doom.

However, if you have been successful in building up an asset base or you carry a lot of life insurance, you may be considering setting up a trust fund for your children in case something happens to you.

There are a number of nonprofit organizations that provide a wealth of information on these topics.

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When setting up a trust, considerable thought must be put into whom the trust is designed to benefit.

If more than one person (e.g., two or more children), consider whether having a designated third-party fiduciary makes sense.

But that misses the essential reality that trusts take away choice from the people they’re intended to help." Angus argues that creating choice or even some semblance of choice may help ameliorate the problem.

With an increasing number of Federal Open Market Committee member willing to raise rates sooner, Business Insider's Mamta Badkar spoke with JP Morgan's Meg Mc Clellan about "the worst case scenarios for the bond market and the riskiest thing bond investors are doing right now."What I don't like to see is for people to reach for yield and think they've got diversification, because they've got high yield munis, because they own high yield credit, because they own high yield preferreds, because they're all going to act a lot like equities," added Mc Clellan.t (Vanguard) David Glocke, Principal at Vanguard Fixed Income Group, says that the ECB's recent move to lower deposit rates to negative 10 basis points is, "trying to encourage banks to go ahead and lend more money." However, "it may be more symbolic than anything else as far as its actual benefit to the overall marketplace," said Glocke.

Morningstar's closed-end fund strategist Cara Esser writes that, "the truth is somewhere in the middle." Many fund families believe that investors prefer smooth, predictable distribution payments, meaning the same percentage of net asset value or the same dollar amount each payment period.

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