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What the Royal Family make of the result is anyone’s guess…

Beginning with a character vomiting into a toilet bowl on the morning of Elizabeth II (Claire Foy)’s marriage to dastardly foreigner Prince Philip (Matt Smith), this is not a show that shy about breaking the perceptions of what a royal costume drama should be.

Which also helps to catch the many wonderful cameos: Lisa Kudrow! The initial premise was Dunham’s being cut off by her parents and having to survive in the big city alone, building a new ad-hoc support network around herself, but it has since grown into a cultural phenomenon as well as a millennial feminist touchstone.

This year's fifth season saw Jessa and Shoshanna get more of the show's emotional punch, setting it all up for Detective Harry Bosch does not, as you might first expect, specialise in solving home appliance-based crimes as part of an elaborate and lucrative product placement scheme.

Criticised in some quarters for its violence – particularly against women – it’s often not an easy watch. Eliot’s ’s two seasons so far star Tchéky Karyo as a detective investigating vanished children.