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Just weeks ago he was left red-faced after pics of him performing a solo anal sex act via Skype found their way online.

Every month, Leo Laporte delivers technology advice to millions of people who download his podcasts and tune in to his syndicated radio show.

But it seems the way to Vicky's heart really is via her bed as the northern lass admitted she didn't care what Bear said to her."He's fit as f***," she told the camera before adding: "If I want to get on Bear, I will jump on Bear."Guess neither of you are camera shy then, ey?

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"Download Leo Laporte's the October show in its video version (Laporte typically offers his shows in audio and video, as well as live and for later download).

In it, Laporte and his co-hosts (Kentzell not among them) were discussing a recent overhaul of the user interfaces for various Google apps like Gmail.

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Since meeting during the raunchy series the duo have been inseparable, often spotted out and about all over each other.

For all his considerable mastery of tech, Laporte uses it in such huge quantities that something like this was bound to happen.