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Add the names for your desired bookmarks: launch JPdf Bookmarks then open your PDF document.

To add a bookmark click on the “add bookmark” icon (which is the top icon in the left sidebar), or you can click Ctrl Alt S or use the “edit”/add bookmark menu. Also note that you can drag and drop to re-arrange your bookmarks, and use the formatting controls in the left sidebar to format as desired (bold, italic, change font color, etc.)See the screenshot below to see the list of bookmarks I entered for this example:5.

See screenshot to the right.(d) Go back to step (a) and do this for all bookmarks that you want to define.(e) To create a web bookmark, right click on the bookmark and choose “web bookmark” in the context menu.(f) Once you are done and have defined all the bookmarks you want, test them by clicking on each one in the list.

If the document doesn’t scroll down in the way that you intended make sure to fix the bookmark.(g) Your bookmarks are now defined, but you’re not done yet. Export the bookmarks definitions: using “Tools/Dump” (or press Ctrl Alt D).

This program is multiplatform (Windows/Mac/Linux), free and open source.