Updating a sql recordset

I know i used to write stuff in VB6 like this a long while back :) So your code should now read like dim obj Comm set obj Comm = Server. If you really believe there is an extra row I suppose you could copy the table to another one with all the data and run a query to pull out ones that exist on the processing table vs the static backup copy. I have run some tests on the data and although it returns more rows when the program is running; it does not return any rows when I attempt to run a comparison i.e.This would be very slow and I don't think it would show anything. select * from datetable where reference not in (select reference from datetabletest).

updating a sql recordset-17

I am running a vb6 program that is looping through many records in a database table and entering a date into a field. I am noticing that the number of records in the table is increasing by 1 every few seconds and then reducing by 1 (going back to the original count). I am using a VB6 recordset and the update function i.e. EOF int Read Count = int Read Count 1 Do Events If Not Is Null(rs("value1")) Then test Array = Split(rs("value1"), ",") rs2.

Active Con, ad Open Static, ad Lock Pessimistic Do While Not rs.

I know a pending transaction can give incorrect row counts depending, so I'd imagine it's possible.

If you're familiar with ACID the I is Isolation so perhaps the server is not dealing with that row while it is actually being updated.

The table datetabletest was created before I run the program. Well a primary key would add a clustered index to the table. I suppose that some row locking might cause a divergent row count.