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The simm test command 'T' does more useful tests and usually prints more useful information.FPGA rev 1.12, fixes long-standing problems with fan-out on some critical signals (that the Xilinx software reported were fine... Also a few firmware bugs have been fixed, and a significant SDCC C compiler bug was recently fixed, and this is the first rev compiled with the updated SDCC C compiler.

FPGA rev 1.11, interface with 8051 redesigned with simpler address latch and new mini state machines to request and ack the read cycle.

At least in initial testing, this appears to dramatically improve the player's stability. The play mode is again correctly displayed, and several other minor related problems are fixed (a custom SDCC compiler peephole optimization was causing compiler errors).

These flags aren't stored for an open file because they're simply actions for open() to take, corresponding to O_CREAT and O_EXCL. * Timed yield must be far more often than once every 1/4 second (?!

Just pass the oflag argument along to the deeper call, with some minor filtering. * Take out pointless dircache_search; nothing can be reconstructed with the given info in find_entry_ram(); don't even try there. ) * Do better the memory-remaining checks for ramcache load.

You can download it here : s1mp3If you are a mac user, you can get a Apple Script to export the Address Book on Aurélo's page.